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Smiling young woman getting massage from a therapist

Back, neck and shoulder massage £25/ 30 minutes, £40/ 60 minutes.
A quick and effective treatment, warmed plant based oil is used throughout this massage.
A variety of techniques can be adapted to your preference of pressure and needs.
Full body or back massage £40/ 60 minutes.
This massage helps the body recover from fatigue, tension, aches and muscle pains, this full body massage includes the hands, feet and scalp for total relaxation. (Optional abdomen massage can be added).

hot stone 1

Hot Stone Massage £35/ 30 minutes £50/ 60 minutes.
The heated stones allow deep tissue manipulation, promoting deep muscle and tissue relaxation; muscles relax up to 5 times quicker than through standard massage techniques. Hot stones can help relieve pain (e.g. back pain, arthritis), and they may help improve blood circulation and release toxins out of the body.

bamboo massage

Bamboo Massage £45/ 60 minutes.
Solid bamboo sticks are gently warmed and applied to give deep and long massage strokes to break down tension and stretch tight muscles. This treatment works well for runners and cyclists experiencing tightness in their legs or those suffering from shortened muscles.


Pregnancy Massage £35/ 60 minutes, course of three £90, course of six £175.
During this amazing time of physical and emotional change, massage can be extremely beneficial to mother and baby. Pregnancy massage can soothe many of the symptoms and conditions associated with pregnancy. (Available from 14 weeks onward with written permission from your GP or Midwife).

Chrysalis reserve the right to modify or refuse treatment to anyone with a condition we deem unsafe or contraindicated for this treatment..

‘I have had many massages in lots of locations in the UK and abroad. I am qualified myself and therefore quite fussy.
Melinda is without doubt the best masseuse I have come across in all areas of the treatment. I will be booking treatments again as soon as I’m UK bound.’
Sean Crisp, Fareham/ New Zealand.

‘I came away from the massage feeling so relaxed and uplifted. The massage itself really helped with the aches and tension I had in my neck and back. We chatted about everything going on in my life and I found the holistic approach really helped my body and mind. It’s the best massage I have ever had!’
Fenella Carcary, Fareham.

‘I have been receiving the very best of treatments from Melinda for the past year.  It was almost frog marched to her after various injuries and stress related issues.  The thought of oils and being ‘mauled’ filled me with dread.  Not anymore.  Melinda has a laid all those issues, she has a very professional approach in the most relaxing, soothing environments.  Her skill and the feeling of well being she is able to create is truly wonderful.  I have received back, shoulder, head and knee massages,  I am a devotee now.  The feel good factor, together with the whole experience Melinda gives you are beyond words.  Her prices are very reasonable and I cannot recommend highly enough.’
Richard Burch, Fareham.

‘I drove home feeling absolutely refreshed and calm after the massage. It was as if I had lost a lot of concerns and worries, which I clearly had, so thank you.’
Roger Clark, Fareham.